About Me

My name is Sarah (Hamelman) Jones. I’m a 20 year old small town Southern Indiana girl, living in a Northwest Montana. I’m a newlywed wife, wannabe homesteader, and a minimalist. I can go from ‘Diamonds & makeup’ to ‘Denim & mud’ faster than you can say “Bless your Heart”. I write about my blunt opinions, experiences, and my journies of living and traveling in a Peterbilt semi during the week, while searching for the perfect Montana ranch to call home on the weekends. 

Learn more about my mission here.

I absolutely refuse to go into debt, work the 9-5, beg for half days off, live the same year 50 times in a row, and call it a life. 

Follow me on other social media platforms to see my day to day thoughts & actions!

Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter: @DiamondsNDenim_

My Facebook page is “Diamonds N’ Denim”

If you find any catastrophic typos, wrong facts, figures, or you’d like to write for my blog (or have me submit a segment for yours), you may reach me at: sghamelman@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!


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