I’d like to thank everyone for making this year a successful and encouraging one. It’s been a long ride since I first introduced myself to the blogging world.

I had two goals for 2016.

The first goal was to upload new content weekly, which I failed to do several weeks. I definitely have learned how difficult blogging can be at times. I’ve also learned to take (sometimes not so) constructive criticism. I’m thankful for this, it’s made me a more open minded person, and a better writer. If you’re considering starting a blog yourself, check out this link.

The second goal, was to have about 25 visitors daily
. You guys did not let me down! I easily reached those numbers from my Facebook traffic alone! These past two months I started seeing more two and three hundred visitor days. I’m so thankful for you all, and the support you’ve extended my way.

In 2017 I’m setting some steep goals, I’m wanting to start reaching 450 visitors a day. When that happens, I’ll be switching over to self hosted to start making more than my typical pocket change in profits. By 2020, I’ll be looking for profits that will be enough to sustain the two of us (and our pupper!). 

I’m extremely excited about these past successes, new opportunities, and all the wonderful people I’ve met along this journey.

This dream of mine would literally be impossible without YOU. I appreciate you so much. Thanks Y’all!! ❤❤