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life on this side of the fence

Maybe it’s just me, but today it seems as though there’s a label for everything.  Want grass fed beef?  We’ve got that.  Want “All Natural”?  We’ve got that too.  Want products from only “Happy Cows”?  We can get you that (well, maybe only from California).  My point is that today’s consumers have a vast array of food preferences, and their inquiries about their food is ever-growing.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when marketing tools such as labels start to sway consumers opinions and thoughts about the agricultural community, things can start to get murky.

What’s in a label?

If you’ve ever walked into a grocery store, scrolled through Facebook, or turned on your TV, you’ve probably been bombarded with food labels.  At every turn, there’s someone trying to sell you the latest and greatest product, usually having something to do with “take your pick” free or anything…

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