I can’t be the only person to mindlessly throw myself into an argument with fellow internet idiots online experts, right? One minute you’re aimlessly scrolling, and the next, well, you just have to set him straight! It distracts you from the people around you, it makes you extremely irritable, and it can lead you to be a downright rude person. If you have a large amount of social friends or followers, you don’t even have to initiate the fight- they come looking for you.

So how do you fix it without shutting your phone off altogether? Turn your social media notifications off. Simple right? Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t start utilizing this trick until about a month ago, and it really has helped me.
Here are the steps.

Go to your iPhone (or iPad) Settings > ‘Notifications’ (it’s the 5th one down) > the app you want to silence (for me it was Twitter) > Viola! No more trolls to disrupt your sleep, meals or family time.

Do you have any plain & simple hacks? List them below, please. As always, thanks for reading!