If you had a mustard seed of hope and a lot of effort you’ve been willing to put in, chances are, someone has called you crazy. It truly doesn’t matter what your aspirations are, someone is going to drop the ‘c’ word on you eventually.

There’s a lot of hateful words you’ll take offense to at least once in your life- but crazy shouldn’t be one of them. Here’s why.

Remember that strange guy you went to school with? He never went out on the weekends, never treated himself, and was always working. He had a passion for financial responsibility. He may be comfortably retired before your 15th high school reunion. 

Remember that naive girl you tried to date? She wouldn’t put up with you because you wouldn’t talk about your futures together. You saw her as clingy and ‘too much’ but she knew what she wanted and pursued it, taking nothing less. She probably moved on, avoided the dating games, and found a man with her values, who was also looking for commitment. 

Crazy is the word shallow people use to describe those who think differently, work outside their comfort zones, make sacrifices, and usually end up successful. It’s sometimes meant to be demeaning, and sometimes meant to show a lack of belief. Regardless, if what you’re aspiring to become earns you the title of crazy- wear it like a badge and keep working. Five years from now you’ll find yourself in a completely different situation than your peers, and you’ll be happier for it.