He’s my person. He’s my best friend. He’s my biggest supporter. He’s my happy place. He’s my “I love you even though I don’t really like you right now”. He’s my midnight run to get hot wings and ice-cream. He’s the reason why I believe in young marriage. And he’s the reason why I want to be a better person.

But he’s not my better half. 

“He’s my better half” may have sweet, good intentions, but it takes away from who we both are as people. 

Without me, he’s kind, and funny, and very strong- mentally, emotionally and physically. Without me, he is a very capable person, who is confident, self assured, and great at adapting. Without me, he is a risk taker, and when the chances he took don’t work out, he knows tomorrow is another shot and he moves on. Regardless of if I accompany him, he is all these things, and more. Half of him doesn’t leave when I leave.

This applies to me too, I don’t lose my patience, my quick wits, my stubborn attitude, nor my compassion for people and animals alike- just because he isn’t near me.

He is my confidence, I am his patience. He is my risk taker, I am his ‘let’s rethink this‘. I am his ‘just let this blow over‘ and he is my ‘no really, I promise it is okay to stay mad for a while‘.

He is not my better half, and I am not his; Neither of us are half anything. We’re two complete people, who have the compatibilities and capabilities to make each other better than who we used to be.
What are your thoughts on the phrase ‘my better half’? Is it a lazy way of saying your love is good for you? Or is there a better interpretation it? As always, thank you for reading!