imageRecently, a video about the ‘horrors’ of a milk cow’s life went viral on Facebook. Find the video here. If you don’t have the time to see it, it can be recapped as this: dairy cows are raped and sexually exploited annually in ‘rape racks’. They compared artificial insemination (a much safer approach than actual breeding) to bestiality. Their calves are ripped away practically during birth. The calves are slaughtered. And then the cows are painfully milked. This continues until they’re beaten to death, die of exhaustion, and then made into meat.

My response:

Don’t take this the wrong way, going vegan is great for the environment and very healthy! Vegans, I respect that, and I admire your willpower to stick to it! But you know how there’s human mothers who decide to breast feed their children up until they’re sometimes 7 or 8? That’s how cows are. They’re bred ONE time (sometimes more, and if it’s a ‘sometimes more situation, it’s because the farmer turned the cow loose in the pasture for a vacation to eat grass and socialize with other cows). The calf stays with them a few days to get the highly nutritious after birth milk, and then is taken away. The mother actually ‘cries’ or ‘bawls’ for her calf LESS than if the calf stays with her until it’s up to weaning age. Where do the few calves go? They’re sold to small farms. They are bottled fed several times a day, loved, walked, and sometimes shown in 4-H by young kids, and they either become pets, milk cows, or they’re humanely harvested for their meat in a relaxed, soothing situation for the cow. These videos portray them being jerked around, scared and hurt. Believe me, that will not fly if you have any intentions of eating the meat, it’ll be so tough, it literally has to be thrown away. Any farmer with a brain cell knows this and makes this very relaxing for the cow, they don’t even feel their death. And the treatment of the dairy animals in the video? Highly illegal in the U.S. You cannot harvest the meat from a cow if it cannot walk freely without force on it’s own. I’d say at least 95% (if not more!) dairy farmers in the U.S. love their cows, and treat them better than most Americans treat their beloved house pets. They’re fed & milked at the exact same time every day, they’re well socialized with other cattle, fed the very best of hay, monitored very closely by veterinarians, and painlessly killed when they are older, or sick. Really, this is a better life than most people live! A lot of these clips come from Mexico. It’s a really rough country if you’re an animal, and the conditions are awful. Not drinking milk isn’t the solution to fix this either, it’s better regulation and animal welfare (animal welfare, not rights!) that needs to happen. In the U.S., If cattle are sick, they aren’t used for meat. And a ‘rape rack’? You can thank PETA for that lovely made up term. It’s actually called a cattle chute,  or a stock, and it’s used for vaccinations, check ups, deworming, and AI’s. It’s meant to protect cattle, and the cattle’s caregivers. Please, don’t give the ag industry a bad name with this video. Here in America, farmers love, protect and care for our cattle, and other livestock. If milk & beef from cattle became an illegal product to harvest, cattle would have zero purpose beyond companionship, and would most likely go extinct (like the Black African Rhino, it’s extinct because it didn’t have a purpose beyond being a beautiful animal to look at, couldn’t be used for meat, so it wasn’t raised, and eventually died out). Again, please don’t take this as an anti vegan comment, I’m just really tired of people giving agriculture a bad name, and posting videos like this to be shared amongst people who honestly don’t know how farms operate.