Dear SlutWalkers (aka Dear Sluts),

In the past two years there have been over a hundred SlutWalks around the world. At first, I just disregarded them. If females (and I say females, because you are not ladies) want to parade around in the nude and call yourselves sluts, that’s fine, it doesn’t affect me. At first. But now it does. I’m sick of seeing your nude bodies on my social media. I didn’t invite you here. And I’m sure millions of other Americans don’t want to see you either. I’m sick of seeing your bare breasts and your signs that say “My Pu**y my Rules”. Well guess what? “My timeline, My rules”. I’m blocking all the sites that share you onto my social media.

Beyond seeing your unasked for naked body, I want you to know that what you’re doing, isn’t promoting any sort of noble cause. Do you know who actually thinks rape is okay? Rapists. Do you know who else supports rape? No one. You know it, I know it, we all know it. You’re stating the obvious. That’s about like marching the streets chanting “Murder is bad!” and expecting people to challenge you on it. We don’t need you parading around stating the obvious, we all agree, rape is horrible.

Next? You’re contradicting yourselves. If rape culture were really such a frequent occurrence in America, you wouldn’t be able to safely walk around in such provocative clothing (or lack thereof). This isn’t the Middle East, where women are objectified, strictly ruled, abused, and tortured. If you did this in one of those countries, you’d be stoned to death in the streets. This is a relatively safe country. You’re not going to be hurt in broad daylight like other countries. Rape is so much sneaker than that. It takes a deranged mind to hurt another human that way, and a walk will not change that.

You’re making yourselves look really stupid. If I park my vehicle (be it a new, sleek luxury, vehicle, or my old, tired clunky car) in public with the keys still in it, a sign that reads “vacant!”, the doors unlocked and open, and no supervision, there’s a possibility of it being stolen. The car thief is 100% to blame, no questions asked. He (or she!) saw a car that wasn’t his (or hers!), (s)he took it, and (s)he should pay the consequences. But I’m also 100% of an idiot for being so careless. You’re setting yourself up for failure by being so reckless. If you leave your car doors open, don’t be surprised when someone jumps in.

You lack class. How do you expect other women (or men) to jump onto your ‘feminism’ movement when you’re revealing your all to the public? I don’t respect you when you strip naked. Plain and simple. I don’t let other people see my nude body. I see my own body as a Temple that God gave me. It’s not perfect, but it’s a gift. He gave me that, so I need to treat it well. Even if you don’t believe in God, you have to understand where I’m coming from. Each person has a special gift, that is their own body, and it’s not something that the world is entitled to see or touch. Even you SlutWalkers must feel the same way, you should get to decide who does or does not get the privilege of having sex with you. If you SlutWalkers want to appeal to the rest of the world, you need to put your clothes back on, and stop calling yourselves sluts.

Which brings me to my next point. Who thought up your name?? Sluts. In a SlutWalk. That’s so awful. Good grief, although I’m not sure where I stand between the #AllLivesMatter vs #BlackLivesMatter movement, I think the folks of the Black Lives Matter are more intelligent about their approaches. Why? Because I don’t see their supporters walking around with paint on their chests that reads “Ni**er” while they parade during their Ni**gerWalk. Don’t be using disgusting, derogatory terms to describe yourselves if you want to earn respect and make a difference. 

The next item of business? Your Clothing. Or lack thereof. Clothing is one of the ways people get to set ourselves apart from animals. Animals run around naked. And guess what? Some of the females don’t get to pick their mate, sometimes, they get raped by other animals. It’s awful, and unfortunate, but for a creature that lacks the intellect of a human being, it’s life. Stop stripping yourselves of the rights to act like a human being. Put your clothes back on and act like the woman you are, who gets to choose her own mate.

Which brings me to my last leg of my rant. Stop pushing to normalize your own lifestyle. I know many of you are not marching to stop rape or rape culture. You’re marching for attention. You want reactions out of people. You want others to say they support you. Say that it’s okay that you’ve had more sex partners than you can count on your fingers and toes. You want to pretend that your sexuality is some sort of super power. It’s not. Any one can have lots of sex partners. It wouldn’t be difficult to do in today’s loose culture. Sex is so easy to attain, it’s not powerful to have sex with lots of people. Do you want real power? Become a good public speaker. Fill your mind with intricate knowledge. Be a role model for little girls. Be an inspiration. Save someone from their struggles of being sexually abused or raped. Stop a suicide. Have so much self confidence, that you don’t need other’s constant approvals and praises for your body and your sexuality. Just be proud to be you. That’s real power.

You’re all wonderful people with lots of potential. So start acting like it, and use that potential. You’re better than these SlutWalks. And please, put your clothes back on.

With all my love and compassion,

*** Although I have received lots of hate mail, rude comments (I did not allow the vulgar ones to be published below), and plain ridiculous messages- I do not apologize for what I have said here. If you want to take this offensively, that’s your own decision. If you don’t like this blog, fine, you made the decision to click here, you can make the decision to not do that again. If you’d like to leave a comment, feel free, but know that I have to approve them before they appear. Thanks and have a wonderful day. 

And to my readers:
What is your take on SlutWalks? Are they an effective tool? What are better ways of preventing rape? 

As always, thank you for reading!