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Q:What do you consider to be one of the biggest health concerns in the U.S. today?

A:My biggest health concern is obesity, especially that caused by laziness. Although you shouldn’t judge someone by their looks, I automatically assume that overweight people are lazy and lack self control, and those are two of my biggest pet peeves ever. Not only do I not like the idea of obesity, but its a big health concern. The trend #BodyPosi is so popular, and men and women alike should be proud of who they are, and like the body they’re in. That doesn’t mean I want to see your naked body on my social media though, in shape or not. I’ve seen and studied various surveys & studies, and research is pointing to a shorter overall lifespan for today’s generation than ever before and it makes sense­. That extra weight is usually put on by a combination of a lack of exercise and poor eating habits. Junk food all the time will thicken your blood and reduce circulation, even cause clogged arteries or heart problems. We also are ruining our hair and skin (with acne, stretching, and excessive oils) making many people sicker, and wrecking self esteem. Being overweight also affects how well people can move in times of emergency. Usually those who are obese stay indoors most of the time and deprive themselves of sunshine and essential vitamins and also lack fresh air.

I’m not implying that overweight/obese people should be ashamed of themselves, I know what it’s like to be overweight. It’s difficult, and it’s frustrating trying to buy clothes, and feel good about yourself. But I’m sick of hearing people say that it’s your body, and no matter what, your body is perfect the way it is. Perhaps the recent Nicole Arbour video “Dear Fat People” was a bit harsh, but she’s got a point. You’re literally killing yourselves by not wanting to change your lifestyle as an overweight person. It’s none of mine or anyone else’s business (aside from close family & friends) to tell a person that they’re overweight. But don’t expect us to jump in and tell you your body is perfect and healthy and wonderful if you’re so obese you can’t do basic human functions on your own.

Of course, this doesn’t include people who suffer from medical conditions who absolutely cannot change his or her situation. Be proud of who you are, even if you need help. Keep doing your thing you strong & amazing, beautiful person.

What do you believe to be the biggest health concerns today in the United States? Did I overstep my boundaries by calling out obesity and laziness? Don’t be afraid to call me out or voice your opinions!