I’m starting a new category of my blog, called “Thinking out Loud”. I’m going to be asking random questions about moral dilemmas, and then answer them. The purpose is to provoke thinking, not only for myself, but for my readers. This presents the opportunities to learn more about ourselves, and grow as people.

imageQ: How do you feel about violence? Under what circumstances is violence a legitimate answer to the problem? Is it ever?

A: There are four different forms of violence. The deadliest is War. I don’t like the idea of war or sending our American boys overseas to be used as pawns and sacrifices in a dispute between two people with lots of power. But oftentimes, War is so much more than that. The truth is though that sometimes they fight over real problems and cultural differences/beliefs. Personally, I support the current war the U.S. is in. There’s so much violence & terrorism, and as the greatest country in the world, we have the responsibility of helping. I don’t believe in harboring illegal immigrants, but I do believe we should help them rebuild their home countries if they’re in need and we are in a position to do so. As far as our war in the Middle East, I see it like a neighbor child being abused, instead of ignoring it, let’s get involved & see if we can improve lives.  Violence should be avoided if at all possible by using debates, buying peace, and compromise/negotiation, but this doesn’t solve everything. If our agents have to use torture methods to get answers to end the war quickly and save American lives, so be it. I couldn’t do that even if I had to, but kudos and thank you to those who get it done. Wars will happen but I think they should be fast, and when they end, we should pamper and respect our troop upon their return home. ­­­

Another type of violence besides War, is self defense. In the event of attack or a potential threat to our rights as human beings, protect yourself. I’m totally okay with that, but torture is never right. If you have a feral dog, wildlife or a person coming at you with the intent to harm you or another person, shoot them. Don’t torture them, or draw out the process, thats wrong and unnecessary. ­­­But do what you have to, to protect one other.

Next is discipline. A simple spanking or switching to rebuke a child or to check someone back is ok with me. So long as its done for punishment, and not to make the parent/adult ‘feel better’, because if they are really angry, it’s dangerous. ­­­Children should never be hit in the face or head, and they should always know why they’re receiving punishment.

The fourth type of violence is domestic violence, and its completely wrong. Domestic abuse is humiliating and painful, both mentally and physically to the victim. And usually the attacker doesn’t hurt the other person for entertainment- its because they were once the victim, and something happened to them that they can’t cope with it any other way. Its wrong and should never happen, its a never ending cycle that damages people.

Are there other forms of violence? Are they okay? Do you agree or disagree with what I talked about? Voice your opinion below in the comments section!

As always, thank you for reading!