imageAn awesome way to save your hard earned money, is by shopping generic. Why pay for costly packaging when generic is just as well made/tasty? Below is a list of products that I cannot sacrifice to save money, and a list of items that I can.

Products I’m a brand snob about:
1) iPhone Chargers
Cheap ones last about a week
2) Mary Kay Makeup/ Rodan + Fields Skincare
my skin stays with me forever, and my face is exposed the most out of my body, and in the harshest of weather- so I need to take care of it
3) Folger’s Coffee
cheap coffee is like making love in a canoe- fucking close to water
4) Exide Truck Batteries & Duracell Batteries
buy both your batteries at once and don’t go cheap unless you like replacing them once a year
5) Hellman’s Mayonnaise/ Heinz Ketchup
the difference in taste between these and generic is unreal
6) Stanley &/or Craftsman Tools
buy good tools once and they’ll last a lifetime
7) Wrangler Jeans & Justin/Ferrini work/riding boots
always buy your jeans deep dyed, and since you spend the majority of your time in boots & bed, skimp on neither
8) Country Mark, Walmart, Fuel Mart Diesel fuel & gasoline
ever ruined a fuel pump or had to pump your lines? It’s not fun
9) Coca-Cola
if you ask me if Pepsi is okay I’m gonna ask if can be excused (and I’m gonna go somewhere that serves real drinks)
10) TRESemmé flawless curls mousse
because naturally curly hair is so demanding, and I’m sick of having a lion’s mane

Products I go generic on:
1) Cases of water
most of my water is what comes out of the tap that’s already purified in the house, bottled water is for emergencies and camping
2) Nail Polish
I dare you to find a nail polish that’s as thick & brilliant as my drugstore cheapies
3) Medication
it has to follow the same guidelines & regulations anyways, it just happens to come in an uglier bottle
4) Fruits & veggies
I’m looking at you Wholefoods customers, you’re being ridiculous! What you grow & what you buy from the farmers market is sooo much better!
5) Oreos
I like mine to be opened & set out long enough that the cookie part gets stale (Get off my back, it’s good!). Generic is already half stale.
6) Cereal
twice the cereal, half the price, complete with comical name!
7) Bleach
it’s just bleach, save your $$$
8) T-Shirts / clothes I workout in
if you care about fashion, this probably won’t work for you. As long as it’s clean and tasteful, it suits me
9) Meats
never, ever buy name brand, always get meat from your local locker
10) Ice cream
why eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s when you can get a whole gallon of Great Value to binge eat?

By the way, if you want an awesome all around food grocery store, go to Aldi’s. Their eggs & milk are always the cheapest (by a lot) and so is their generic food brands. If you insist on buying your meat at a grocery store, watch your JayC ads & shop there, they usually have good deals on 2 liters as well. Best of luck to you in your money saving endeavors!

What are your money saving products? And what brands can you not break your loyalty to? Does anyone else like stale Oreos, or am I the only one? 

Thanks for reading guys!