Devin & I have definitely decided that we’ll be going off the grid, minimalizing our possessions, and living more self sufficient lives when we get married & start living together in our tiny home. 

Last week I took 6 very large trash bags absolutely full of clothes, books & old toys from my childhood (I still kept a few favorites of course) to Goodwill. At first it was difficult getting rid of this stuff & figuring out what to keep. Probably the most difficult step was to give up some of my books. I don’t need them, I know most of them by heart, but I’m emotionally attached, why? I don’t know. 

But, after I worked it all out & dropped off all those bags at goodwill, I felt so much lighter. I didn’t even realize having that much extra stuff was a stress on me, but apparently it was. All my belongings (aside from my animals/livestock, tiny house, car & truck) can fit into four large totes. My whole life. In FOUR totes. Wow.

Devin took the time to sort out his things as well, and sold close to $2,000 worth of unused paintball gear. He didn’t have many clothes to get rid of, but he still found a few pairs of jeans that he didn’t like & rehomed them. We bought totes for him & all his small items (aside from his guns, safes & furniture in his house), fit into 3 totes. I think we’re getting ourselves where we need to be.

Even if if you live in a home with 3000sf and even if you have children, I’d recommend trying to cut down on your clutter. Especially the clutter you have an emotional attachment to. If you can’t use it dual purpose as sentimental and usable (or you can’t nicely put it on display), toss it. You’re throwing out an item, not the person who gave it to you. 

UPDATE (8.02.16) I don’t even remember what was in those totes that I took off. I don’t even regret getting rid of my books, which is something that definitely surprised me. 

UPDATE (1.03.17) We did even more downsizing, and all of our clothes now collectively can fit into a tote bag! Of course, this doesn’t include our snowsuits, or our shoes. We each are down to three pairs of shoes now, which is incredible to me honestly. I used to have thirty or so pairs.